The Beloved Brother – A Vignette

She stood, staring in agony at her brother. “Stop! Stop it! Stop hurting him!” she screamed, as her eyes watered up and tears threatened to spill, overcome with raw emotion. She climbed the fence and ran towards his battered up body, tears pouring from her eyes. She didn’t want him to die, she needed him. She needed him to secretly pass her lollies when their dad wasn’t looking, she needed him to fight the mean kids that were bullying her, she needed him to help her with her homework. 

After all she was only seven, and he was all she had and she was all he had. It was too late as she saw a football player, charging towards her at full speed, unaware she was in his way. The player’s eyes widened as their eyes locked. The impact of the collision knocked all the air from her lungs. She felt pain coursing through her body as her body flung to ground. The last thing she heard was someone shouting “Somebody get an ambulance!” Then everything went black.

When she woke she smelt the strong smell of antiseptic. She hated that smell. It reminded her when she visited the hospital to see mum being treated for cancer. It hurt to breathe. It hurt to move. The hospital bed was uncomfortable and hard. Sitting next to her was Jerry. His eye was bruised, his knees and ankle cloaked in bandages.

Author: Zayna